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Julia. Wish me a happy birthday August 12th, I'll be 20. Michigan is my homeland. Graduate with a massage therapy major June 2015. Getting married in June 2016 to my best friend.❤️ MilSo.


i wanttttttttttttt


what if bodies just had random errors like computers do

you go to receive your starbucks coffee and accidentally punch the barrista in the face then shit on the floor

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Anonymous said: What's considered abuse?


  • Physical Abuse: Any intentional harm done to another person physically. If someone hits you, it’s physical abuse.
  • Emotional Abuse: This could be due to any form of abuse, constant criticism, being intimidated, being manipulated, ect.
  • Verbal Abuse: Withholding information, name calling, defining a person, belittling another person, putting someone down, threatening someone, yelling, taunting, lying, ect.
  • Mental Abuse: This could be due to any form of abuse and is often interchanged with ‘emotional abuse’. It is when the abuse results in psychological trauma- anxiety, depression, PTSD.
  • Sexual Abuse: Any sexual activity forced upon a person without their consent. Sexual abuse is not limited to only rape.


when ur doing a class presentation as a group and ur waiting for ur turn to talk


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